Saturday 3/12 Canceled – New Start Date Monday 3/14

Dear Track & Field Families,

We were so excited to start the season this weekend that we didn’t notice the bad weather creeping toward us. Saturday morning is likely to be very wet, and with the rain turning to snow through the day, we will cancel now. Normally we would wait until closer to the session to cancel, but we want the first session to be very fun.

Normally we would not reschedule the Beginner/Casual/Busy Kid group to a weeknight either, but we will officially kick-off the season for everyone on Monday at 5:00pm at Cooper River Park. It is fine if you are not able to attend this session. We will still make sure to welcome all the new-comers next Saturday as well. If you can arrive a little before 5:00 to check in it will help, but I understand that 5:00pm can already be a challenge on weeknights. Just get there when you can and we will start the session a little more casually than usual.

Here is a Google Pin for where we will meet on Monday night, and know that I will also add pins to all locations in our Google Calendar.

I noticed that a lot of families still need to join our Remind for last minute updates and emergencies. Please do that soon so you don’t miss anything important. Also, please do not use Remind to message us unless it is a last minute/emergency situation. I will always be able to respond more efficiently if you email me. All of us coaches have our emails (and cells for emergencies) in the Parent App for easy access.



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