Tuesday 5/10: Medford Mile and Field Events (rescheduled from 5/7)

There is no regular track meet this weekend. We are attending The Medford Mile, which is hosted by the Medford Track Club. This is a FREE, fun, all-ages, family event. However, if you plan to participate you must sign up in advance by this Friday night (link below). Also, please send me a quick reply here to let me know if you are attending. The only running event is the mile, but there will also be long jump, high jump, shot put, discus and javelin. See below for specific information on eligible ages for each event.

***At this event, parents must supervise their own children and get them to any events they are doing. It is possible to do more than one event, but parents will be responsible for getting their own kids wherever they need to be. The mile will have assigned, rolling heats based on age for kids, and then based on estimated time for adults. High jumpers will need to report to that event at 6:30pm, whereas the other field events will have open pits. We will not be able to provide practice time before events. Your child should be confident in their ability to do an event they sign up for.

Here is the info from the event director, and it is also included on the registration form linked below. Remember, YOU MUST REGISTER BY THIS SATURDAY NIGHT.

­The Medford Mile is a free community event hosted by the Medford Track Club. Participants will run one mile on the track against runners of a similar age and/or ability.

The event will take place on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.at Shawnee High School’s track (600 Tabernacle Rd, Medford). The event will begin with our youngest participants at 2:15 with rolling start times, ending with the adults.

Shot put, discus, and turbo jav will also be contested, in that order, starting at 6:45. Shot put and turbo jav are open to athletes born from 2004 through 2016 (turning 6 through 18 this year). Discus is open to athletes born from 2004 through 2011 (turning 11-18 this year). Implements will be provided, but participants are allowed to bring their own.

Long jump is open to athletes born in 2004 and later (turning 18 this year and younger). We will have an open pit starting at 2:15.

High jump is open to athletes born from 2004 through 2011(turning 11-18 this year). We will begin at 6:30. All participants must be present at the beginning of the event.

We look forward to seeing you!

­Again, please remember to register by Saturday night, and send me a quick reply to this email to let me know you are attending.

­Medford Mile Registration

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