Welcome to The SJTFC Summer Track & Field Camp!

Dear Parents,

We will be registering more kids in the next two weeks, so you will see repeats of this email, but I wanted to send something to those of you that are registered. 

Thanks for signing your child or children up for our program! We have been doing a version of this since 2016, and it has proven to be a very fun, fast-paced experience for the kids.

Coaches/Volunteers:We have a great staff running the program this summer. Coach Jill, who is my main assistant coach for the club, will be the head coach for this program. She will be joined by two assistants, Coach Deb, and Coach Canaan. I will provide back-end support for the program, and backup when needed. We will also be joined by several high school athletes from Cherry Hill West HS and Haddonfield HS. If you have any issues or concerns during the program, Jill is your primary in-person contact, and you can call or email me any time. 

Program Details:Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8am to 9:30amFirst session: June 21Last session: July 14Summer Finale Track Meet: Friday evening, July 16.


1. Your child does not need any special equipment or clothing. Just a comfortable pair of sneakers. The less material and support the better. Kids learn good technique quickly, so shoes should be minimal and not get in their way. 

2. Kids should bring their own water each day.3. If you want your kids sunscreened, please apply at home.

General Overview of the Program:

If your child is nervous, assure them that this is not a RUNNING program, as in, they will not be running endless laps on the track! We know that many of the kids will be joining us in questionable shape. Each session will begin with a warmup that will include some running. From there, each Monday session will introduce or reinforce different events (sprints, hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put, discus, javelin, longer running), and each Wednesday will include a “mini meet,” where the kids will have a chance to compete in recently practiced events. We do not force the kids to do anything they do not want to do, but we do encourage every kid to try every event. Safety is our number one concern, and fun is second. If your child asks to take a water break, we will always say yes. 

Program Conclusion/Summer Finale Meet:

On Friday, July 16, we will invite our entire club to an informal picnic at the track (we have cross country, winter running, and spring track and field programs in addition to this camp). Following the picnic we will host a professionally timed track meet. This meet is primarily for your kids doing the summer camp, as a chance for them to experience a real meet, but we also invite the rest of our club, as well as some other clubs in the area. It is a very fun event. 

First Session Info:

Please check in with me at the first session. The coaches will get the kids moving immediately at 8:00am, and parents can come to the tent to sign in. We will be there to start check-in by 7:30, but you can come any time before 8:00. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.


Coach Craig

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